Dr. Louise Gordon

About Dr. Gordon

I’m Louise Gordon, Ph.D., and I’m a clinical psychologist licensed in Kansas and Missouri. I’ve been licensed as a doctoral-level psychologist since 2000 and have worked in the mental health field since 1989. I earned my Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the A.P.A.-accredited California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, CA. in 1997. I’ve taught at the college and graduate levels and have worked in a variety of clinical settings, both inpatient and outpatient.Prior to beginning my graduate psychology education and training, I worked in the foreign relations field and earned a Masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. I have worked, traveled and studied abroad and have a strong interest in foreign language and culture. These experiences along with many others contributed to my life-long interest in psychology and the desire to pursue my own personal growth while helping others do the same.

Philosophy and Approach

My work is rooted in the belief that we already have what we need to reach our goals and be our best selves. However, sometimes we need some extra support to help deal with the obstacles that come up along the way. I believe that the “bad” things that happen to us (e.g. losing a job, getting a divorce) may actually be “re-routing opportunities” which can help us grow in a most positive way.

My goal is to work with you in a collaborative fashion. The relationship between therapist and client is a key factor in the healing process. We all have many layers where we need support, ranging from the very practical (“I need my family to help out more around the house”) to the deepest or most transformative (“I need a deeper connection to my spiritual self”).

In between are a multitude of other layers that may impact our daily lives and cause distress, including issues from childhood which may leave a mark on self-esteem and how we fare in intimate relationships. I have helped people through many of these layers of personal growth work and am most gratified to see clients take even one small step toward feeling a greater sense of aliveness, empowerment, or simply relief from emotional pain and suffering. New clients often express amazement at how helpful it is to “just to talk and have someone really listen.” For many people this is their first experience of someone being there to listen attentively and offer support and guidance. It is a very different experience from simply talking with family or friends.

One of my strengths is having the intuitive and clinical sense of what will work for different people. My approach is strongly interpersonal, which means that I hold the therapeutic relationship in highest regard and treat each of my clients as a fellow human being with whom I share many common thoughts and feelings. In other words, “We are all in this together!”